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What we do

The DGRCC determines by means of which instrument (framework agreement, centralized contract or other) the declared supplies and services of centralized contracting will be contracted and also awards the contracts for the entities included in the compulsory scope of application (AGE, autonomous organisms, managing entities and common services of the Social Security and other public state entities).

Other entities within the public sector, for example, trading companies and foundations, the Autonomous Regions, Local Entities and agencies linked with any of these, may sign up to our procurement system for some or all of the categories of supplies and services centralized through framework agreements.

Since its creation in September 2013, the DGRCC has combined several lines of action to improve centralized procurement processes. In this way, the use of existing framework agreements has been rationalized, improvements have been made in framework agreements, which have to be re-tendered because their term has expired and the categories of centralized supplies that have been acquired through framework agreements incorporating Electric power supplies, automotive fuels and non-inventory office supplies have been extended. New services have been added, as the Purchasing of Spaces in Media and other Advertising Media for the purposes of Institutional Advertising Campaigns.

Thus, the DGRCC awards about seven thousand contracts based on framework agreements, for entities in the obligatory scope and those adhered to.

In the centralization processes that have been developed, not only has the traditional framework agreement model been used, but also centralized service contracts have been entered into. Centralization through this procedure has led to, in some cases (cleaning, security, telecommunications and postal services) the centralisation of budget allotments. In other cases, such as the travel agency service, the credits are still managed by the agencies themselves.

In addition to these contracts and to the objective of rationalizing spending, the formalization of a management commission with the National Factory of Currency and Stationery and Royal Mint (FNMT-RCM) has been enabled for the provision of services of certification, electronic signing and administration for all of the General State Administration, and for public agencies and entities linked to or dependent upon same.

Types of Centralized Procurement Boards

The following types of centralized contracting are carried out by the Directorate-General:

These files are processed by the Secretary's Office of the Centralized Contracting Board and the Board itself is the contracting body.

The rest of competences of the board of Centralized Procurement in relation to these dossiers, as are its recruitment, in the person DGRCC holder.