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Ex-Post Evaluation Service on the efficiency of institutional advertising campaigns

Expedient on the Public Sector Contracting Platform 47/17
Type of Contract: Servicios
Estimated Value* : 770.578,51 €


The purpose of this contract is the provision of the ex post evaluation service on the efficiency of institutional advertisement campaigns by the General State Administration (AGE) and other entities within the public sector included within the scope of Act 29/2005, of 29 December, on Institutional Advertising and Communication.

The included services are the following ones:

  • Assessment of institutional advertising campaigns.

  • Preparation of technical means necessary to carry out the post-test study, according to the agreed methodology.

  • Execution of the post-test study.

  • Preparation of an evaluation report for each institutional campaign.

This contract shall be applicable to institutional advertising campaigns included in the annual advertising and institutional communication plans for the 2018, 2019 and, in the event of an extension, 2020, as well as to all campaigns that, without being foreseen in said annual plans, they must be carried out exceptionally for sudden reasons, pursuant to the provisions of Act 29/2005, of 29 December, on Advertising and Institutional Communication, and Royal Decree 947/2006, of 28 August, which governs the of Advertising and Institutional Communication Commission and the preparation of the annual plan of advertising and communication of the AGE.

The institutional advertising campaigns detailed in clause I "Purpose of the contract" of the Specific Administrative Clauses are excluded from the scope of this contract.


List of Lots
Lot Successful Tendeder Tender budget ** Awarding amount ** Effective Date Completion Execution time
Single lot MERKA STAR 518.000 € 518.000 € 20/06/2018 31/03/2020 24 months

* The estimated value is the value of the contract excluding VAT and any other taxes but including extensions and possible contract amendments.

** The tender budget and the awarding amount include VAT and other taxes, but they do not include extensions or any possible contract amendments.


The contract has a duration of two years, from the day of the formalisation (20 June 2018) until 31 March 2020. The contract has been subject to extension until March 31, 2021.