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Framework Agreement

Fuel supply at service stations

AM 21/2020
Expedient on the Public Sector Contracting Platform 84/19
Type of FA : Suministros


The purpose of this framework agreement is to supply fuel at service stations to vehicles, agricultural machinery, generators and other engines, etc.

The fuels to be supplied are:

  • Petrol

  • A Diesel

  • B Diesel

  • Bioethanol

  • Biodiesel

  • Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or  Autogas

Additives may also be acquired to reduce or cleanse contaminating exhaust gas emissions produced in those engines that require this, primarily in urea solutions and demineralised water (AdBlue type).

The aim of this framework agreement can be divided into the following lots:

  • Lot 1: Mainland

  • Lot 2: Canary Islands (except La Gomera and El Hierro)

  • Lot 3: Islands of La Gomera and El Hierro

  • Lot 4: Autonomous City of Ceuta

  • Lot 5: Autonomous City of Melilla

  • Lot 6: Balearic Islands

List of items and prices

By the characteristics of this framework agreement, there is a list of items, while, discounts offered by the various contracting companies can be consulted in the following subparagraph.

Successful Tendeder

Check the awarded companies under this framework agreement in the catalogue search.







(1) Percentage of discount on PTP*: Pre-tax Price corresponding to the average national price of the fuel supplied, published in the latest “Weekly Oil Bulletin” or Oil Bulletin of the European Union available on the last day of the month. However, when this average national price is not published in the reference bulletin, the PTP of the service station will be used at the time of filling-up for the purposes of the application of the discount.


The initial duration of this framework agreement is 2 years, from 1 december 2020 until 30 november 2002, with the possibility of extension for a maximum of two years. Lots 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 of the framework agreement have been extended from the date of completion of its operation until 30 november 2023.

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