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Framework Agreement

Supply of Security Elements and Systems

AM 08/2017
dgrcc.WebCC.AM.numExpediente 106/16
Type of FA : Suministros


The aim of this framework agreement is to supply security systems and elements pursuant to Article 206.3 b) of the Recast Text of the Public Sector Contracts Act, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011, of 14 November.

This framework agreement, as a system of technical rationalisation, will include the determination of the products awarded and economic operators selected, according to the lot, as well as the general conditions for the supply and basic terms and conditions the contracts will need to be adapted to, based on the framework agreement.

The purpose of the framework agreement can be broken down according to the following lots, each one catering for the different types of security systems and elements:

  1. Lots without all the terms and conditions established – Security systems

    • Lot 1: Systems to control access and presence .

    • Lot 2: Closed circuit television systems.

    • Lot 3: Anti-intrusion systems.

    • Lot 4: Automatic systems to detect and extinguish fires.

    • Lot 5: Uninterruptible electricity supply systems.

  2. Lots with all the terms and conditions established – Security elements:

    • Lot 6: X-ray inspection equipment.

    • Lot 7: Walk-through metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors.

    • Lot 8: Explosives and drugs detectors.

    • Lot 9: Independent safes.

    • Lot 10: Safety cabinets.

    • Lot 11: Fireproof cabinets.

    • Lot 12: Armourers.

    • Lot 13: Fire extinguishers.

    • Lot 14: Personal protection equipment for fire-fighting.

    • Lot 15: Paper shredders.

List of items and prices

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Successful Tendeder

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The term of the framework agreement will be two years as from 01/03/2019.

The framework agreement may be extended before the end of its term, which will be obligatory for the economic operator. Extensions, whether individually or on a cumulative basis, may not exceed the term of 12 months.