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Framework Agreement

Supply of Motorcycles and ATV/QUADS

AM 19/2018
dgrcc.WebCC.AM.numExpediente 01/18
Type of FA : Suministros


The purpose of the framework agreement is the supply of motorcycles and ATV/QUADS, including accessories and kits that are considered necessary (transformations that vehicles require for their use by the main bodies that order them).

This is a framework agreement with all the terms defined under which a new tender may be put out, calling for offers from the successful bidders thereof when the volume of the order or market conditions make this advisable.

Orders under this framework agreement are structured as follows:

  • Direct purchase1-10 units under the same sub-lot are acquired, or there is only one successful bidder for the vehicle or adaptation kit sub-lot.

  • New tender: 11 or more units are acquired, and there is more than one successful bidder for the sub-lot, or a kit is acquired that is not defined in Annex III (page 45 of the administrative terms and conditions).

The tender document must always be authorised on a preliminary basis by the DGRCC [Directorate-General for Streamlined and Centralised Procurement].

Before placing an order through Conecta, you are recommended to read the base contract processing guide that is accessible on this web page.

Accession of public bodies

All those bodies listed in Annex IV on page 46 of the administrative terms and conditions may ask to sign up to this framework agreement, following the instructions available on this web page.

List of items and prices

Check the awarded motorcycles and ATV/QUADS.

Successful Tendeder

Check the awarded companies under this framework agreement in the catalogue search.


The term of this framework agreement is two years from 01/12/2018 to 30/11/2020, with the possibility of a further two-year extension.