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Centralized Contract

Consolidated Telecommunications Services for the General State Administration Phase 2

Expedient on the Public Sector Contracting Platform 11/18
Type of Contract: Servicios
Estimated Value* : 378.118.354,70 €


The purpose of the telecommunications centralized contract is to unify current telecommunications service contracts of the different ministry departments and public bodies for the consolidation of fixed voice and data services, mobile voice and data, Internet access and international network.

This contract is divided into four lots. Lot 1, multi-service corporate network and fixed telephony services, includes the provision and management of the necessary voice and data services for all offices of the bodies included within its subjective application scope, within the Spanish territory and abroad, as well as the SARA network, which connects all Spanish Public Administration bodies.

Lot 2, mobile communications, comprises the provision of mobile communication services including voice, data and texts.

Lot 3 is devoted to Internet services, both navigation and SEO services.

Finally, Lot 4 is devoted to the international network, including those telecommunications services of the offices of the entities included within the relevant scope of application located abroad.

The subjective scope for this contract may be checked here.


List of Lots
Lot Successful Tendeder Tender budget ** Awarding amount ** Effective Date Completion Execution time
Lot 1: Multi-service corporate network and fixed telephony services TELEFÓNICA DE ESPAÑA, S.A.U. 171.149.378,61 € 148.829.983,95 € 01/03/2020 10/09/2023 5 years (with extension)
Lot 2: Mobile communications VODAFONE ESPAÑA, S.A.U. 31.325.689,34 € 12.529.254,07€ 01/03/2020 10/09/2023 5 years (with extension)
Lot 3: Internet TELEFÓNICA DE ESPAÑA, S.A.U. 19.291.361,56 € 13.515.699,63 € 01/03/2020 10/09/2023 5 years (with extension)
Lot 4: International Network BT ESPAÑA COMPAÑIA DE SERVICIOS GLOBALES DE TELECOMUNICACIONES, S.A.U. 63.252.976,61€ 48.364.141,49 € 01/03/2020 10/09/2023 5 years (with extension)

* The estimated value is the value of the contract excluding VAT and any other taxes but including extensions and possible contract amendments.

** The tender budget and the awarding amount include VAT and other taxes, but they do not include extensions or any possible contract amendments.


The contract, whose initial duration is less than four years, from March 1, 2020 to September 10, 2023, renewable up to a maximum duration of 5 years.