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Framework Agreement

Audiovisual Equipment

AM 12/2016
Expedient on the Public Sector Contracting Platform 56/16
Type of FA : Suministros


The purpose of the agreement is the supply of audiovisual equipment.

This framework agreement does not include the provision of all of its terms and therefore, for the awarding of the framework contracts, requesting bodies must always call for a second round tender.

List of items and prices

There is no list of articles because it is a non-detailed framework agreement with a compulsory second round tender. The products which may be acquired by means of this framework agreement fall within 2 categories:

  • First category: Audiovisual systems
  • Second category: Video-cameras and cameras

Contracts for the supply of goods within its scope with an estimated value of less than or equal to €5,000 are not included in this framework agreement.

Successful Tendeder

Check the awarded companies under this framework agreement in the catalogue search.

In this case you cannot view the items awarded because this is a framework agreement not detailed with obligatory second tender process.


The initial term of this framework agreement is 2 years, from 15/10/2017 to 14/10/2019, with the possibility of an extension for a maximum period of 2 years. The first extension of the framework agreement spans the period from 15/10/2019 to 14/10/2020, and a second extension has been agreed for a period of 12 months, from 15/10/2020 to 14/10/2021.