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Commission to FNMT-RCM for provision of reliable electronic services


The aim of this Commission is the provision, by FNMT-RCM, to Central Government and related or dependent State public sector bodies and institutions, of the following services:

  • Technical, administrative and security services needed to guarantee the validity and the efficacy of the issue and receipt of communications and documents by EIT (certification and electronic signature services) techniques and means under the jurisdictional scope of the recipients of this commission.

  • Services relating to the electronic identification of public authorities and the authentication of the exercise of their jurisdiction, pursuant to the Public Sector Legal Regime Act 40/2015, of 1 October, and Law 18/2011, of 5 July, regulating the use of information and communication technologies in the Administration of Justice.

The services for the electronic identification and authentication of electronic documents of the public authorities will be based on the issue and management of the life cycle of the following types of electronic certificates:

  • Electronic signature certificates of staff in the service of the public authorities and Administration of Justice.

  • Electronic signature certificates of staff in the service of the public authorities with a pseudonym.

  • Electronic signature certificates of staff in the service of the Administration of Justice with a pseudonym, specifically approved by the State Technical Committee of the Electronic Judicial Administration.

  • Public authority electronic stamp certificates.

  • Certificates to identify websites.

  • The FNMT-RCM will also provide, upon a request from the departments and bodies included in the scope of application of the Commission, the following services:

    • Issuance of authentication certificates of web sites, with the limits established.

    • Certificate validation services through the FNMT-RCM platform.

    • Time-stamp services.

In accordance with Clause Two of the Commission, the recipients of the services provided in the Commission include all ministerial departments and their independent bodies, as well as the following bodies and institutions of the State public sector:

  • State Tax Agency (Spanish acronym: AEAT)

  • State Air Security Agency (Spanish acronym: AESA) – Directorate-General of Civil Aviation



  • Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas, S.M.E., S.A., (Acuamed)

  • Official Journal of Spain Agency

  • Cervantes Institute

  • Agencia Estatal Comisión Española para la Lucha Antidopaje en el Deporte (CELAD)


The order has entered into force on 1 march 2023, with a duration of one year, renewable for another year.

Payment for the services included in the Commission is charged to credits under Service 01 “Directorate-General of Streamlining and Central Purchasing” of Section 10 “Central Purchasing” of the General State Budget.

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