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How to purchase

Through the application CONECTA-CENTRALIZACIÓN can be made electronically and secure the various efforts related to recruitment of products and services available in the framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems in force.

Also, and on the basis of the commitment to transparency that has acquired this directorate-General, it is possible to see the catalogue of all open to products and services available in the state system of centralized recruitment.

CONNECTS was approved by resolution of the directorate-General of the state patrimony of 16 may 2005. Based on age, as well as to the continuous changes functional since its inception in production, necessary for their appropriateness to the evolution of the model of centralized recruitment policy changes in the area of recruitment, security, data protection or accessibility, CONNECTS shows high levels of technological obsolescence and little maintainability.

Since the initial configuration CONNECTS the number of services and supplies that are declared centralized procurement contracts awarded annually and the number of users, have experienced a significant increase. In turn, the technology was developed this tool has become obsolete, requiring progressive migration to a new tool, AUNA, which will enable new functionalities and in whose development has been working over the past few years.

The replacement of connects AUNA, shall be conducted progressively from 2023. This strategy means that both systems to be in operation simultaneously during a period of time.

In the case of celebration a tender for the award of contract based or specific, it must be conducted prior to the request to buy (proposal to award), following the instructions issued by the DGRCC framework for each agreement or dynamic purchasing system.

Manuals and user guides

NOTE: If you do not have access to the implementation AUNA, check with your it department to meet the requirements specified in the technical requirements and access.