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Framework Agreement

Supply of Industrial Vehicles

AM 17/2016
Expedient on the Public Sector Contracting Platform 69/17
Type of FA : Suministros


The purpose of the framework agreement is the supply of heavy industrials vehicles with a maximum technically admissible weight of more than 3500 Kg, together with complementary kits for different public bodies.

This is a framework agreement with all the terms defined and the acquisition will be made for any of the awarded products according to the needs of the bodies that order them.

Orders under this framework agreement are structured as follows:

  • Direct purchase: Purchase of any number of vehicles without kits or with kits as defined in Annex III (page 44 of the administrative terms and conditions).

  • New tender: A kit is acquired that is not defined in Annex III (page 44 of the administrative terms and conditions)

The tender document must always be authorised on a preliminary basis by the DGRCC [Directorate-General for Streamlined and Centralised Procurement].

Before placing an order through Conecta, you are recommended to read the base contract processing guide that is accessible on this web page.

Accession of public bodies

The deadline for the accession of public bodies ends on 20/11/2017; no accession is possible subsequent to that date.

List of items and prices

Check the awarded industrial vehicles.

Successful Tendeder

Check the awarded companies under this framework agreement in the catalogue search.


The term of this framework agreement is two years from 01/02/2019, with the possibility of a further two-year extension.