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  • Courier service contract: publication of upcoming contract specifications

    A tender for the new National Centralised Package and Mailbag Postal Services Contract was published on the Public Sector Contracting Platform on 27 June, the start of which is scheduled for 1 January 2020 with an initial term of 27 months and a possible 12-month extension. The scope of this contract includes all ministerial departments and bodies of the State public sector, as well as the administrative entities of the Social Security system. The purpose of the contract is to provide the national package and mailbag delivery service.

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  • Informative Note on the publication of instructions and standard forms for the public tender of Framework Agreement 10/2018

    You are informed that the instructions for the new Framework Agreement 10/2018 for the SUPPLY OF COMMUNICATIO SYSTEMS, EQUIPMENT AND SOFTWARE have now been published, together with a link to a standard public tender form. This framework agreement will accept the submission of invitations to second public tenders using the information system of the DGRCC.

  • Scheduled entry into force of new Framework Agreement 05/2018 for supply of printers, multifunctional equipment and scanners

    The processing of the new Framework Agreement 05/2018 is close to completion, and the new agreement is scheduled to come into force in the second fortnight of July.

  • Entry into force of the new Framework Agreement 10/2018, of 2 July 2019, and termination of Framework Agreement 10/2012, on the supply of communication systems, equipment and software

    On 1 July 2019, Framework Agreement 10/2012 on the supply of communications systems, equipment and software terminates, with petitions for contracts based on Conecta-Centralisation accepted until 28 June 2019. The new Framework Agreement 10/2018 will come into force on 2 July 2019.

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