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As indicated in the notice published on 9 march 2002, all the passwords of users of Connects caducarían during the period of 30 days if it is not appropriate to its renewal. After this period are reported that, in the case of not having made such renewal, in the next access will be asked to change the password required in order to access the system. Here you can find a quick guide for change, recovery and unlock keys.

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The new framework agreement 18/2021 for the supply of light commercial vehicles has entered into force, dated March 31, 2022 for lots 2 and 3, and dated April 8, 2022 for lots 1, 4, 5, 6 , 7 and 8.

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Are available in the Centralized Procurement Portal of the new model of the tender documents for framework agreements: AM 02/2020 of supply of pcs, laptops, monitors and other job; AM 05/2018 of supply of printers, scanners and multifunctional teams; AM 10/2018 of supply systems and elements of communication; AM 13/2018 of supply of servers, storage systems and software infrastructure. In these new models are reflected the obligations to contracts supported under the budget of the european union and the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience (PRTR) as set out in the Order HFP/1030/2021, of 29 september, which set the system for managing recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience and in the instruction of the advisory board on public procurement of 23 december on ways to incorporate in the files that are financed with funds from the PRTR.



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