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Framework Agreement 20/2019, for the supply of paper for printers, photocopy machines and multifunction printers comes into force on 16 March 2020.

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You are hereby informed of the meeting to be held on the new Framework Agreement 13/2018 Supply of servers, storage systems and software infrastructure on Thursday, 20 February 2020 from 09:30 to 13:00 at the Cuzco Complex in Paseo de la Castellana, 162 (Madrid).

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Framework Agreement 01/2016 on furniture finalises on 15 January 2020. The new Framework Agreement for the “SUPPLY OF OFFICE FURNITURE AND COMPLEMENTARY ELEMENTS – ARCHIVES, LIBRARIES, SCREENS, CLINICAL AND LABORATORY MATERIALS (Framework Agreement 01/2019)”, Dossier 44/19, was published on the Public Procurement Platform on 14 November 2019, which is still at the opening bid phase.

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The new Framework Agreement 13/2018, on the supply of servers, storage systems and infrastructure software will come into force on 11 February 2020. Accordingly, the term of validity of Framework Agreement 13/2013, on the supply of general purpose servers and storage systems, will finalise on 10 February 2020, allowing bids for the award of contracts through the Conecta-Centralización system until 6 February 2020.

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