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The Autorizex application has been made available to present requests for applications for derogations for bodies under a mandatory subjective scope on the link

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On 1 November, the new centralised contract shall commence for Comprehensive Security Services and Control Personnel in State Public Sector buildings.

On 14 October 2021, the period of validity of FA 12/2016 will end. The deadline for the award of contracts under this framework agreement is the same, and hence 6 October 2021 is established as the deadline to send award proposals through Conecta-Centralización. Pursuant to this aforesaid deadline, it is no longer possible to call new public tenders for the award of standard contracts under FA 12/2016. The new framework agreement for the supply of audio-visual equipment is undergoing the award process, and at present the specific date for its entry into force cannot be determined. Pursuant to the provisions established in Article 4 of Order EHA/1049/2008, until the entry into force of the new framework agreement, the acquisition of these supplies will be undertaken by the competent body, in line with general rules on jurisdiction and procedure.

On 23 September, the Public Sector Procurement Platform published the award of the Centralised contract for comprehensive security and auxiliary control services in State public sector buildings, which is scheduled to come into force on 1 November.

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