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Maintenance and software support services, and advanced services associated with IBM licences, and the supply of certain installed base licences

File in Public Sector Contracting Platform: 67/18
Type of Contract: Servicios
Estimated Value* : 22.138.995,24 €


The purpose of the contract is set out in the technical terms and conditions (PPT) and primarily consists of the following services and supplies:

  • MLC (Monthly License Charge) support and maintenance.

  • FTL (Fixed Term Licence) support and maintenance.

  • S&S (Subscription and Support) support and maintenance.

  • Advanced technical support (ATS).

  • Acquisition of installed base licences.

The subjective scope for this contract may be checked here.



List of Lots
Lot Successful Tendeder Tender budget ** Awarding amount ** Effective Date Completion Execution time
Single lot IBM, S.A. 26.788.184,24 € 26.788.184,24 € 01/07/2019 31/12/2020 18 months

* The estimated value is the value of the contract excluding VAT and any other taxes but including extensions and possible contract amendments.

** The tender budget and the awarding amount include VAT and other taxes, but they do not include extensions or any possible contract amendments.


18 months as from 1 July 2019. No extensions allowed.