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Reasons to join

The centralized recruitment system state is open for accession by the autonomous communities and Local Entities, as well as autonomous agencies and public entities dependent on the same. It will be able to join societies, foundations and other entities, agencies and public sector entities (the item of the LCSP 229.3).

The centralization of recruitment produces savings resulting from increased competition as a result of the higher expectations of the sale of the bidders, and of the economies of scale arising from the aggregation of demand. In Addition, the savings resulting from the centralized procurement, in responding to efficiency gains, do not affect the quality of provision.

But do not occur only savings economic in nature, but also generated “ other types of savings ” that are equally relevant, such as derived from the reduction of formalities and administrative burdens. The entities involved in the state system of Centralized Procurement being reduced, ostensibly, the burden resulting from the processing of their contracts, as well as the lead times

Similarly, the companies interested in providing a service or supply simplified see their participation in the bidding.