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Three reasons to join

First: Savings arising from price reductions. The prices of the products listed are significantly lower than market prices for similar products and with equivalent guarantee and delivery conditions thanks to an increase of offers arising from higher sales estimates on the part of bidders and economies of scale arising from the aggregation of demand.

Second: Savings arising from reduction of processing times. Both in the case with those framework agreements dealing with direct purchases and in cases in which a new tendering process is opened, the overall time necessary for the acquisition of a new good or service is much shorter than for the processing of an individual order. For example, minimum public advertising terms are reduced and the application of the standstill period for the filing of appeals is no longer necessary.

Third: Savings arising from the reduction of administrative costs. Since the proceedings to be made are reduced, those resources to be allocated within the procurement departments and bodies decrease as well, which allows for a better use of human resources (for example, procurement specifications do not need to be prepared -just, where appropriate, a brief tendering document-, no document assessments needs to be made, etc.).

Besides, proceedings can be completed electronically through the platform CONECTA CENTRALIZACIÓN.