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Dynamic purchasing systems

What is a dynamic purchasing system?

The dynamic purchasing system is a rationalization of procurement for purchases of use fully electronic flow and open throughout their validity to any company interested that meets the criteria for selection. It is not limited, therefore, the number of participating companies.

This technique makes it possible to have a high number of offers, and therefore, to increase competition.

Further develops the rules of procedure restricted, running in two stages. In the first, companies that meet the criteria for selection required are incorporated into the dynamic purchasing system, and in the second place purchases by inviting companies in the previous phase to submit their offer.

What is a specific contract?

Once a dynamic purchasing system, will be the agencies that define targets in each solicitation exercise requirements and to meet specific needs and those who will conduct the proceedings concerning such tender prior to the award when the contracting authority is the General directorate of Rationalization and centralizing Recruitment. The award of contracts are based on the terms that have been provided for in the solicitation documents individual administrative clauses and technical requirements for the dynamic purchasing system, which should be carried out in more detail before bidding for the award of the specific contract in the corresponding invitations.

The specific contract was awarded the seller that presents the best bid, in accordance with the award criteria set out in the solicitation document and the invitation to tender.

The reception and payment of goods and services is held by agencies of the petitioners.

Catalog of Dynamic Purchasing Systems