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  1. Organic Structure and Responsibilities

  2. Centralization Legislation

    • Order EHA/1049/2008, of 10 April, declaring the supplies and services subject to centralized procurement.

    • Order HAP/2834/2015, of 28 December, amending Order HAP/1049/2008 of 10 April, declaring the supplies and services to come under centralized procurement.

    • Order HFP/457/2018, of 30 April, which modifies Order EHA/1049/2008, of 10 April, of declaration of supplies and services of centralised procurement.

    • Instruction of 5 July 2013, of the Sub-secretary of Finance and Public Administrations in respect of the centralization of contracts.

    • Resolution of the Directorate-General of State Assets, of 16 May 2005, in which the Conecta-Patrimonio application is approved for the electronic presentation of submissions to tenders for the adoption of types of categories of supplies and services to centralized procurement and requests for supplies and services derived from such tenders.

  3. EU and national procurement regulations