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Management Model for Centralized Procurement

In centralized procurement there exist several management models for contracts, including the following:

  • Management of framework agreements and framework contracts: The contracting authority (DGRCC) is that which has competency for the tendering, awarding and finalising of the framework agreement with successful bidders and also for modifications, product update authorisations, the imposition of penalties, the resolution of framework contracts based on the framework agreement etc. On the other hand, the requesting body is the one to assume responsibility for making the request and, where necessary, the second round tender, the approval of costs associated with the framework contract and the management and payment of supplies and services procured. Requests are processed through the Conecta-Centralización application and, moreover, in the specific case of the framework agreement for electricity, an application called ELECTRA has been developed, designed to facilitate the management of the corresponding framework contracts. This management model, the procedure sees savings that benefit the budget of the requesting bodies directly.

  • Management of centralized contracts with centralized budget in Section 10: the DGRCC maintains the competences as a body, both for tendering, adjudication and formalization of the contract, as for amendments, imposition of penalties, extension, avoidance of contract, etc. However, from the point of view económico-financiero, is different about the competences for the adoption and the commitment of expenditure, which are of the individual holder of the directorate-General and the right to recognition of the obligations and of the proposals, which correspond to the Bodies designated by each department or agency that form part of the contract and that they accord with the persons responsible for the services. For this purpose, it is adopted order Order HAC/316/2019, of 12 March, for delegation of authority and by setting out the limits of the powers of management, budget and granting of grants and subsidies of functions of the secretariats of state. made From the point of view of the implementation of the contract, the departments and agencies are competent to agree to such services and invoices for what they are responsible for those responsible for managing the contract in their Area, which allows to configure a decentralized management of the contract linked with responsibility for the operation. Moreover, in those contracts where there are penalties for shortcomings in the quality, it is they who have the power of decision which reinforces the key role to develop relevant individuals in the departments and agencies. It should be noted that with a view to checking the process have developed various computer applications, including mercury and ELECTRA to monitor the implementation of the contracts of postal services, electricity, travel agency and cleaning services respectively, which will bring added value to those responsible for the management of contract in the form of information, control, etc.

  • Management of other centralized contracts: in the contract of service of travel agency the contracting authority is the DGRCC, however, there have been centralized the provision under section 10 so each centre must pay manager services under its own budget. In this case too, has developed a software application (ATLAS) facilitating follow-up of the implementation of the contract. Finally, in the telecommunications contract that is also financed with appropriations in section 10, there have been centralized all competencies, both the recruitment (corresponding to the DGRCC), such as competition for the recognition of obligations and the proposal of payment of telecommunications services (that had been devolved to the person who has children as holders of the General secretariat of Digital Administration ministry for economic affairs and Digital Processing). In this case, it is that unity, SGAD, the body responsible for monitoring the implementation and to conform with the invoices of telecommunications services.