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The Centralized Procurement Board (Junta de Contratación Centralizada or JCC as per its Spanish acronym) is the administration responsible for procurement across ministries. It is a collegial institution dependant of the General Directorate for Streamlining and Centralization of Public Procurement (Dirección General de Racionalización y Centralización de la Contratación) to which "the functions of being the institution in charge of centralized procurement at state-wide level as regulated by articles 229 and 230" are attributed pursuant article 323.3 of Act 9/2017 of 9 November on Public Procurement.

In this sense, it is noteworthy that, since its creation, the General Directorate for Streamlining and Centralization of Public Procurement tried to involve all procurement stakeholders. Therefore, it was decided that the body in charge of procurement was participated by all departments.

For this reason, in the Plenary Meetings of this body sit permanent representatives of the Ministries for the Presidency and for the Treasury and Public Service, and rotating representatives of all other Ministries. Consequently, Plenary Meetings of the Centralized Procurement Board are attended by a total of five representatives of different ministries, which is mainly in charge of executing central contracts awarding agreements and framework agreements.

Besides, depending on the purpose of the procurement contract in question, if this is specially relevant for any ministry which is not represented at the moment as per the corresponding rotation to the Plenary Meeting of the Centralized Procurement Board or to the Permanent Commission of the Board may be invited to take part in it, as it has already been done in several occasions.

The Centralized Procurement Board is currently regulated by Order HAP/2834/2015, of 28 December amending Order EHA/1049/2008 which repealed Order HAP/2028/2013 of 30 October, maintaining the scheme for the Plenary and Permanent Commission, the latter being responsible for the assessment of tenders and other proceedings on the procurement table. The 2015 order has introduced improvements in functioning based the experience acquired, such as amendment of rules around substitution and the assignment of functions to the Secretary of the JCC.

The constituent meeting where all ministries were present was held on 12 November 2013.