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Who we are


Here at the Directorate-General for Rationalization and Centralization of Procurement, our mission is the promotion, management and monitoring of centralized procurement in the State Public Sector.


We want to be the organization of reference in Spain for centralized public purchasing, for efficiency, flexibility and capacity to create savings, achieving our objectives with the greatest transparency, in a socially responsible way, while seeking operational excellence to maintain satisfaction among client-agencies, suppliers, employees and society as a whole.

Strategic Objectives

We have identified the following objective:

  • Rationalize the acquisition goods and services.

  • Establish procedures and tools for common procurement for all Public Administrations.

  • Homogenize the levels of quality of service and supplies contracted.

  • Improve access to information on procurement and public purchasing to all interested parties.

  • Promote the continuous improvement and transparency thanks to information analysis.

  • Strengthen the institutional image of the DG and communicate management results.

  • Implement a common management model to guarantee the mission and vision of the DGRCC.


  • We seek to rationalize public spending based on homogenization and savings.

  • We want to increase our performance through the efficient use of public resources.

  • Our tenders are based fundamentally on transparency, based on objectivity, the absence of discrimination, equal treatment, advertising and free competition for all economic operators.