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How to participate

With any Public Administration procurement process you must consider the following:

  • To participate in tenders for works with a value in excess of €500,000, it is an essential requirement that an economic operator obtains the ranking demanded in the tender specifications. The ranking of companies is managed by the State.

  • For services contracts it is not necessary to be registered but it shall be an alternative means of accrediting the tenderer's solvency, in accordance with the regulating conditions.

  • For all other contracts it is not necessary to be registered nor shall it be considered an alternative form of accreditation.

  • Although it is not obligatory, it is recommended, that an economic operator is registered with the Official Registry of Tenderers and State Contracted Companies (ROLECE), as it allows companies to reduce the costs incurred in presenting tender offers. Thus, once registered, with the simple presentation of a certificate, an economic operator can accredit its legal status, suitability to perform works, the powers of the economic operator and other questions required by contract legislation.

You can consult tenders and contracts awarded on the Public Sector Contracts Platform.

In particular, for tenders for centralized contracts and framework agreements managed by the DGRCC, you must bear in mind:

  1. Prior to publication of the tender conditions, The DGRCC hosts two public sessions with potential tenderers and business associations to inform of the focus of the tenders and even request the views of the sector regarding specific elements to include in the conditions. These sessions shall be announced through the Public Sector Procurement Platform and through this Site.

  2. The above Platform is the profile of the contracting body of the DGRCC, and on it are published all tenders handled by the DGRCC.

  3. During the period of submission of tender offers, companies can request clarifications on doubts generated by the contents of the conditions of the tender.

Any communication relating to the tender process is to be through the platform; therefore it is an obligation of the tenderers to register on this system in accordance with that indicated in the tender conditions.