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How to participate

The participation of a company in the State centralised procurement system requires bidding and being determined the successful bidder in a public tender process that is called.

The procurement of goods and services declared to fall under a centralised purchasing system can be carried out through the following procedures:

  • Centralised contract: awarded pursuant to the general provisions on public sector procurement. The participation of a company requires it to participate in the public tender and be the successful bidder.

  • Framework agreements: these are agreements entered into with one or several companies under the corresponding public tender process which establish the terms and conditions that the contracts awarded will need to adapt to during the term they are in force. The award of these contracts under a framework agreement may be directly made to a company that is the successful bidder of these contracts or through a new public tender process, which only the companies that are the successful bidders under the framework agreement may take part in, in accordance with the rules that govern each framework agreement. Contracts under a framework agreement may only be entered into with companies that are successful bidders of these contracts.

    The participation of a company in contracts under a framework agreement shall thus require bidding and being the successful bidder in the corresponding framework agreement and then being awarded the contract under said agreement, with or without a new tender process.

  • Dynamic acquisition systems allow for the incorporation to the system of companies that comply with the selection criteria during the whole period this is in force. The award of specific contracts takes place through a public tender process which those companies can bid for that have been accepted under the dynamic system.

    The participation of a company in specific contract processes shall thus require application and acceptance into the dynamic system and then their participation in the public tender processes that are called for specific contracts and becoming the successful bidder thereof.

The Public Sector Contracts Act defines the conditions of ability and reliability of the company to be able to contract with the public sector and the terms and conditions of each public tender define the specific conditions on economic and technical solvency

You can consult the public tender and awards promoted by the DGRCC on its Contractor Profile on the Public Sector Contract Platform.