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In this table you can check the possibilities of adhesion to the different framework agreements, depending on the date of formalization of the same.

Autonomous Communities, Local Entities, as well as autonomous bodies and public entities depending upon same, may voluntarily join the National Centralized Procurement System. Likewise, companies, foundations and any other entities, bodies and institutions within the public sector may also adhere (art. 205 of the Consolidated Texts of the Public Sector Contracts Law).

On 30 December 2015, Order HAP/2834/2015, of 28 December, amending Order EHA/1049/2008, of 10 April, declaring the goods and services subject to centralized procurement, was published in the Official State Gazette. This Order elaborates on the procedure to adhere to the National Centralized Procurement System, in accordance with the following terms:

  • Firstly, the Autonomous Community, Local Entity, autonomous body or public entity depending upon same or, if applicable, any other institution within the public sector that fails to be included in the mandatory scope, pursuant to article 206.1 of the Consolidated Text of the Public Sector Contracts Law, enacted by Legislative Royal Decree 3/2011, of 14 November, shall subscribe a generic adherence agreement to the National Centralized Procurement System with the Directorate-General of Rationalization and Centralization of Procurement.

    The subscription of said generic adherence agreement shall constitute an official confirmation of the willingness of the institution to become part of the general mechanism of the National Procurement System and the right to adhere to the framework agreements of such.

  • Secondly, the institution shall formalise the voluntary adherence to a specific framework agreement, which will imply the obligation of the adhered institution or entity to carry out all procurement activities through said agreement, unless the awarded goods or service provision terms fail to meet the essential features required by the individually adhered entity or institution. In such case, quarterly reporting to the Directorate-General of Rationalization and Centralization of Procurement will be required.

    The Directorate-General of Rationalization and Centralization of Procurement is required to provide access to the CONTECTA-CENTRALIZACIÓN computer software application to those entities and bodies which voluntarily join a specific framework agreement.

    Adhered institutions are required to arrange the award proposal issued by the internal control body for economic-financial management of institutions subject to financial control. On the other hand, they are entitled to receive individualised information on framework agreements to be subscribed so as to request specific adherence thereto.

    The validity period of a specific adherence agreement must be equal to that of the reference framework agreement.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, the specific agreement may be terminated by means of a request addressed to the Directorate-General of Rationalization and Centralization of Procurement in those cases involving framework agreements processed before the entry into force, last 18 April 2016, of Directive 2014/24/EU, of the European Parliament and the Council, on public procurement.

The generic and specific accession agreement models approved by the Directorate General for Procurement Rationalisation and Centralisation are the following:

Finally, here you may find a basic guide for the processing of the accession request.