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The Autonomous Communities, local entities, autonomous agencies and public entities and other entities of the state sector not included in the area of compulsory recruitment centralized may join the state system of Centralized Recruitment (Central state staff) and one or several of the services and supplies of centralized procurement declared through accession agreements. The accession procedure will be in two phases:

  • First, the administration or public entity concerned agreed with the generic DGRCC accession, which means their willingness to integrate in the functioning of the state system of recruitment of State and the possibility of acceding to its framework agreements or dynamic purchasing systems. 

  • In its second phase, the entity DGRCC discussed with the accession to one or several framework agreements or dynamic purchasing systems, which will mean its duty to carry out all recruitments through that except when the assets acquired or the provision of services does not fulfil the essential characteristics specific to meet the needs of individual or entity attached. 

  • In this link you can consult the generic and specific adhesion application models, approved by the DGRCC 

Here you can access the basic guide for considering an application for accession.

You can request any information relating to the procedure for accession to the generic recruitment of the state, or accession to the various specific framework agreements by contacting the email address