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In light of the Report of the Commission for the Reform of Public Administrations (CORA) and for the development of measures relating to the centralization of service contracts and supplies in an efficient manner, it was considered essential to strengthen the basic structure of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations by means of the founding of the Directorate-General for Rationalization and Centralization of Procurement (DGRCC).

This measure was taken to reach the objectives established by the CORA Report, the achievement of savings and improvements in procurement by increasing transparency, the search for efficiency and the homogenization of levels of quality of services and supplies that are contracted in the General State Administration, in a such a way so that no unjustified differences are perceived among agencies.

It is important to remember that the central state purchasing body was, until this time, made up of a Sub-Directorate General integrated within the Directorate-General of State Assets.

Functions attributed were not limited exclusively to the centralization of purchasing but also, as indicated in the title, included the rationalization of procurement, as well as functions relating to the centralized management of budgetary appropriations for the financing of centralized credits, allowing for the advancement of two new lines in the central state purchasing body. These include the processing of ordinary operations that fall outside the traditional special procedures for the adoption of categories, and the centralization of budgetary appropriations taken from participants in the contracts in order to finance these same contracts, and to reflect, by means of a differentiated budgetary appropriation, those savings arising from centralization.

The creation of this Directorate-General was brought about by Royal Decree 696/2013 of 20 September, amending Royal Decree 256/2012, of 27 January, in which the basic organic structure of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations is developed.

The Directorate-General's structure has been one of its most defining characteristics, in a context marked by the policy of austerity at all levels. Therefore, of the five current Sub-Directorates General, only one of those constituted a broadening of the structure of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations. At the same time as the creation of the Directorate-General, two Sub-Directorates General of the Sub-Secretariat of the Ministry were abolished. Abolished were the Ministerial Procurement Board which had the range of a Sub-Directorate General (its functions were passed to the new Secretary of the Centralized Procurement Board), and subsumed by the new Directorate General was the Sub-Directorate General for Purchasing, until then part of the Directorate-General for State Assets.

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