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  1. I'm interested in becoming part of the Centralized State Procurement System. What should I do?

    If your company works in the field of one of the goods and services that come under centralized procurement by Order 1049/2008 and you wish to be part of the Centralized State Procurement System, you should participate in the corresponding tender process called by the Centralized Procurement Board. The call to tender can be found at the Public Sector Procurement Platform.

  2. Once the framework agreement has been agreed and is in place, is it possible to be awarded a contract?

    No, it is not possible. The decision to award companies contracts is taken through the tender process, subject to that set out in the Consolidated Texts of the Public Sector Contracts Law.

  3. My company was awarded a framework agreement. How do I win a framework contract?

    When the framework agreement has been held with several business owners and all the terms and conditions are established, it is not necessary to launch a new public tender, provided that this is established in the terms and conditions, and it will fall to the recipient body of the supply or service to make an award proposal to one of the successful bidders of a framework agreement, taking into account its specific needs to be satisfied and the objective conditions provided for in the terms and conditions of the framework agreement.

    But in the event that, for contracting of a supply or a service, the recipient body calls a second tender process, if the contract is subject to harmonized regulation (colloquially known as “SARS contracts”, with an estimated equal to or greater than that established in Articles 21(1)(a) and 22 of the Public Sector Procurement Act (LCSP), a bid should be requested from all the successful bidders of the lot corresponding to the framework agreement.

    If the contract to be awarded is not subject to harmonised regulation (known colloquially as the “SARA contracts”), with an estimated value less than that established in Articles 21(1)(a) and 22 of the Public Sector Procurement Act (LCSP), the recipient body need not invite all the companies to the tender process provided that, as a minimum, it requests offers from three companies and this is justified in the case file, unless the regulatory terms and conditions of the framework agreement or the instructions on their application indicate otherwise.

  4. Where is the awarding of framework contracts published?

    They are published on the Transparency Site and in the Framework section of this Site. This information is updated daily.

  5. I'm interested in becoming part of the Centralized State Procurement System. What are the requirements?

    Every centralized procurement contract that goes to tender establishes in the conditions of tender the specific requirements demanded. You can consult the requirements for current contracts accessing the file for each contract.

  6. I'm interested in becoming part of the Centralized State Procurement System. Can I enter forming a Temporary Joint Venture (UTE) with another company? What happens if one the UTE's companies goes bankrupt or can no longer continue to offer the service?

    Yes, you can present for tenders as part of a UTE with other companies.

    If one of the companies making up the UTE decides to no longer be part of same, the other companies making up the UTE can agree the transfer of its participation in the framework agreement in favour of a new UTE constituting the remaining companies, or, in the cases where only one company wishes to continue, in favour of that company.

    In all cases, the procedures required in such cases must be followed, as requested by the Directorate-General, for its prior express authorization, that the resulting contractor have the solvency initially required and the transfer must be notarised before a Notary Public.

  7. Where can I check the catalogue of goods and services included in the centralized procurement system?

    The Catalogue section of this Centralized Procurement Site includes the list of those products and services subject to the centralized procurement system

    To check items, together with the relevant details and prices, included in the catalogue, visit the page

  8. Where can I find out about future centralized procurement process that go to tender?

    You can consult the Annual Procurement Plan of the Directorate-General of Rationalization and Centralization of Procurement, where contracts in the study or preparation phase are indicated.

  9. Can I subscribe to any kind of alerts service??

    This Centralized Procurement System offers a News Subscription service, through RSS.

  10. My company was awarded a framework agreement. Is it necessary to renew the suitability criteria every year?

    Economic, financial, technical and professional (or qualification) requirements must be accredited to be included in a framework agreement in the manner and at the time indicated in the regulating conditions. Subsequently, an update of these conditions may be requested, as may others based on the framework agreement in question.

  11. My company was awarded a framework agreement. How will requests for tender offers and awards within the framework agreement be awarded?

    Successful bidders will receive requests to submit tender offers by email. The awarding of contracts will be notified through the CONECTA-CENTRALIZACIÓN application, although an email notification will also be sent.

  12. My company was awarded a framework agreement. How can we update the prices in our product catalogue?

    In the regulating conditions of existing framework agreements, specific limits are established for the updating of products and, in particular, limits on price increases. Companies must bear in mind that this is not a system of price revision, but that it is necessary that technological modifications or other technical characteristics of the product justify the variation in prices and that prices respect the limits fixed in the conditions. For this reason, the analysis of product updates is based on a new evaluation of same, taking into consideration the criteria laid down in the conditions, both technical and economic, and for such updates to be admitted it is necessary that technical improvements compensate the rise in price.

  13. My company was awarded a framework agreement. Can we offer better conditions or improve the price of products initially offered in the framework agreement?

    Improving the conditions and/or prices is not just a possibility but an obligation of successful tenderers.

    The conditions of framework agreements include the conditions to be met for updates of characteristics or prices of products or services.

    To update prices or other characteristics on the basis of the clauses of the conditions of the framework agreement, an update request must be presented through the CONECTA-CENTRALIZACIÓN application.

  14. My company was awarded a framework agreement. Can I change the products initially offered for others with similar characteristics?

    It is not possible to include new products, nor deliver a product different from that which features in the catalogue. Nevertheless, awarded companies have an obligation to request the update of products if market conditions improve during the term of the framework agreement, be this for technological improvements or price reductions. For this reason, the possibility of requesting an update on products is provided for, with the requirements indicated in Question 13, but this update is not automatic and must be authorized by the DGRCC. This procedure ensures that the conditions determined in the awarding of the framework agreement are respected, and that product improvements are included in the catalogue so that they apply to all applicants.

  15. Where can I consult the legislation applicable to centralized procurement?

    Consult the Legislation section of this Centralized Procurement Site.