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Framework Agreement

Supply of servers, storage systems and infrastructure software

AM 13/2018
Expedient on the Public Sector Contracting Platform 41/18
Type of FA : Suministros


The purpose of the framework agreement is the supply of servers, storage systems, infrastructure software, hybrid solutions and the complementary elements of each of these categories, as well as advanced installation and maintenance and back-up for these products.

The purpose of the framework agreement is broken down into the following lots:

  • Lot 1 - SERVERS. Supply of general purpose servers in any format (tower, blade, rack or others) and/or their complementary elements that allow different configurations of server to be obtained according to the needs of each interested party.

  • Lot 2 – STORAGE SYSTEMS. Supply of storage systems and their components, that is, hardware and software products that allow the functions of mass digital storage of information to be performed, the equipment that carries out interconnection and the switching of storage networks, as well as the complementary elements of all the above systems, equipment and components.

  • Lot 3 - INFRASTRUCTURE SOFTWARE. Supply of infrastructure software licences in the terms defined in the technical specifications.

  • Lot 4 – HYBRID AND INTEGRATING SOLUTIONS. Supply of hybrid solutions, understood as systems with processing and storage capacities.

The award of the contracts will be effected by calling the parties to a new tender process, in which the terms of the framework agreement will be employed, formulated in a more precise manner in accordance with the procedure provided for in Article 221(5) and (6) of the Public Sector Contracts Act.

List of items and prices

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Successful Tendeder

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This framework agreement began its effect on 11 february 2020 after the extension and agreed with the contracting companies that have given their agreement, shall apply in their lots 1 and 2 until 28 february 2023. 
Lots 3 and 4 lose its force on 1 july 2002. The Lot 2 loses its force on 28 february 2023. The lot 1 extension until 31 may 2023.