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Conecta Centralización

Conecta Centralización

Through the application CONECTA-CENTRALIZACIÓN different proceedings relating to the procurement of goods and services available under current framework agreements may be carried out safely and electronically.

Also, and on the basis of the commitment to transparency that has acquired this directorate-General, it is possible to see the catalogue of all open to products and services available in the state system of Centralized Recruitment.

CONECTA-CENTRALIZACIÓN offers the possibility of carrying out the following tasks:

For citizens:

  • Checking of the open catalogue of centralized procurement goods and services.

For public bodies which are system users:

  • Purchasing of products or services.

  • Checking of the catalogue of centralized procurement goods and services.

  • Comparing existing products.

  • Sending applications for products and services electronically.

  • Follow-up of the status of pending applications.

  • Receiving notices regarding applications for products and services.

For awarded companies:

  • Sending updating proposals for the awarded products or services electronically.


CONECTA-CENTRALIZACIÓN is an application created in 2002, so a new application is being developed by the Directorate-General of Rationalization and Centralization of Procurement which will allow to offer additional features.