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Accessibility Statement

The Directorate-General for Rationalisation and Central Procurement of the Ministry of the Treasury has committed to make its website accessible pursuant to Royal Decree 1112/2018, of 7 September, on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices in the public sector.

This declaration of accessibility is applicable to the website

Situation of compliance

b) This website is partially compliant with RD 1112/2018, due to its lack of conformity with the aspects indicated below.

Non-accessible content

The content indicated below is not accessible due to:

  1. lack of compliance with RD 1112/2018

    There may be downloadable documents and forms published subsequent to the entry into force of RD 1112/2018 (20 September 2018), that do not fully comply with all the accessibility requirements.

    There may be certain publishing errors in some web pages.

  2. disproportionate burden

    Not applicable.

  3. the content does not fall within the scope of applicable legislation

    Computer files may exist in PDF or other formats published prior to 20 September 2018 that do not fully comply with all the accessibility requirements.

Preparation of this accessibility declaration

This declaration was prepared on 6 November 2018.

The method employed to prepare the declaration was self-assessment by the public body itself.

Latest revision of the declaration: September 18, 2020.

Observations and contact details

Communications may be made on accessibility requirements (Article 10.2.a) of RD 1112/2018), for example:

  • report on any possible infringement by the website.

  • convey other difficulties in accessing content.

  • make any other consultation or suggestion on improvements relating to accessibility of the website.

Through the following channels:

Communications will be received and processed by the Support Unit of the Directorate-General of Rationalisation and Centralised Purchasing, as the unit responsible for the content of this website.

You can also request information in an accessible format, which does not comply with the accessibility requirements for being either excluded, or for being exempt as a disproportionate burden, or you can register a complaint for a breach of the accessibility requirements. Click on link to the procedure for the request for accessible information and complaints under Article 12 of Royal Decree 1112/2018, of 7 September.

Application procedure

By using this procedure, you can initiate a claim to see and oppose the reasons for the rejection of a request for accessible information through a complaint, urge the opportune measures to be adopted in the event that you are not in agreement with the decision adopted, or outline the reasons why you consider that the response does not comply with the requirements demanded.

Click on link to the procedure to make a claim to the upper echelon of the unit, with said unit being responsible for accessibility at the Ministry of the Treasury or if the claim is due to an action by this unit.